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Large vs Small Business: 5 Differences When Hiring Employees

Many resources exist online that address the topic of choosing between working for major corporations versus small businesses. However, not as many resources focus on what small organizations versus large companies should focus on when hiring employees.

As a nationally-recognized recruiting and staffing firm, we thought it pertinent to address this missing area of interest. As such, the team at 4 Corner Resources (4CR) decided to create this resource that outlines a few things to focus on and how to hire employees effectively when recruiting for businesses large or small.

How Hiring Employees for Large Companies Is Different

As a large company, looking for employees often means having to deal with a long review and hiring process, pressure from above to fill open positions, bureaucracy, and many other challenges. A few guidelines for improving the employee hiring process in a large company include:

1. Treat the Candidate Like They Matter (Because They Do!)

Everyone wants to feel like they, and their time, matter. Unfortunately, when looking to hire employees, hiring managers sometimes forget that candidates are people, and not just names on a resume. They should be shown respect and not merely be ignored. Furthermore, when interviewing, it is important to show candidates that their time is important by:

  • Taking the time to review their resumes in advance so you can ask meaningful questions;
  • Having an interview strategy for hiring employees;
  • Informing them about who will be in the interview (if other people will be involved); and
  • Being punctual, or informing them in advance if you’re running late.

2. Keep the Recruiting and Hiring Process Expedient

When hiring employees for large companies, it’s essential to keep the process moving. Glassdoor reports that the national average hiring process length in the U.S. is nearly 24 days and that select areas — such as Washington, D.C. and Albany, NY — can average 33 days. Some reports, such as one from the Society for Human Resource Management, even indicate that the average time-to-fill for a position can reach 36 days.

The best way to hire new employees is to recruit, screen, qualify and hire them as quickly as possible while still doing your part to ensure that they are thoroughly vetted. You can still be selective about candidates without dragging your feet unnecessarily.

3. Avoid Using Too Many (or the Wrong) Staffing Companies

The truth is that it’s often best to try to hire on your own whenever possible. However, it often can be more cost-effective to partner with a professional staffing agency and let them take care of hiring.

When choosing the right staffing company, it’s essential to find one that demonstrates that you matter and your goals are among their top priorities. If hiring employees for your business isn’t their priority, then they can’t be successful when recruiting for you. Do your research and find the recruiting and staffing agency that:

  • Is responsive, flexible, and agile;
  • Listens to you and your needs;
  • Knows your market intimately; and
  • Values their relationship with you and your company.

How Hiring Employees for Small Businesses is Different

When you work for a small business, not only are your employee needs different, but your available personnel and financial resources are also different from those of large companies. This is why we’ve compiled a list of how to hire employees effectively as a small business owner, manager, or talent manager.

1. Don’t Wait to Bring in an Expert Recruiter

The biggest mistake that some small to midsize businesses (SMBs) make is waiting to call in the cavalry. The best way to find employees and hire them is by being willing to bring in an expert (like 4CR) sooner than later to handle the process.

As a professional recruiting and staffing agency, we can expand your reach significantly and help you save significant time and frustration when recruiting and hiring employees on your behalf. We can attract employees who are seeking new employment as well as appeal to passive candidates who already have jobs but are willing to entertain new employment offers. Furthermore, we also know how to hire employees effectively by leveraging our resources, networks, and expertise to benefit your business.

2. Make Your Job (and Company) Attractive to Candidates

One of the most important things you can do when looking to hire employees is selling the candidates on why they should work for you. Whether they are job seekers who come to you on their own or are candidates that you found and are trying to recruit, it’s imperative to make both the position and your company desirable. Hiring employees is a lot easier when someone wants to work for you.

Some of the ways that you can make the position and your company more attractive include:

  • Providing a detailed job description that outlines your expectations;
  • Providing information about benefits, advancement opportunities, etc.;
  • Building on and highlighting your brand;
  • Including salary or pay information (this can increase your applicants by 30%); and
  • Being proactive and showing interest in them first (seek out candidates who may already have jobs and reach out to them).

4 Corner Resources is an Orlando staffing agency that performs recruiting and staffing services for businesses in Central Florida and around the U.S. As recruiting and staffing experts, our team is here to serve you and answer your questions. Contact us today to start a discussion.

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