How to Build Successful Work Teams: Team Building Strategies

This blog post will focus on the essence of team building and show you how to build successful work teams. A key component of success is clear roles, objectives, and communication. This blog post will also help you identify talent in your team members so that they can thrive in their role and have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Read this article to find out how to build successful work teams!

-Clear Roles:

Clear and distributed responsibilities are a key component to developing successful work teams. When everyone has clear expectations as part of their role or task, it makes for a more efficient workplace environment with less “overlap” in duties being performed. The five components that go into establishing clear roles are clarity (the knowledge needed), delegation (distributing tasks according to each person’s strengths and weaknesses), efficiency (doing everything right the first time so no one else needs to do it again), execution (getting things done without too much stress) and decision making (“deciding what should be done next based on the team’s priorities”).

-Objectives that are SMART:

Defining objectives should be specific (“achieving 100% customer satisfaction”), measurable (“employees’ average rating exceeds 94%), achievable (not daunting), relevant or important for success at this time (“moving our product out of beta phase”), and timely or due date oriented (within the next six months). Make sure your goals have these five characteristics to help establish a strong foundation for achieving them!

-Open Communication:

Clear communication is critical for successful work teams. It creates an environment where people are less stressed and more engaged in their role. There are three key components of clear communication: the root cause, information, and remedies to the problem.

-Identify talent within your team members:

One way to identify talented employees is through 360 interviews with other staff members who have interacted with that person on a daily basis. This will help you see what they do well, so you can use this knowledge when developing them into future leaders or identifying opportunities for lateral moves elsewhere in the company.


It’s important to focus on these four points if you want to be able to build successful work teams! Focus on the essence of team building like clear roles, clear objectives, communication, identifying talent, etc. If you found value in this article and would like to find out what solutions we can provide for you as a jobseeker or employer, contact us HERE at Nexojobs to speak to one of our experts today!

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